Personal Trainer Certificate - Tri Focus 
Advanced Nutrition Certificate - Tri Focus 
Level One Coaching - Precision Nutrition 
Certificate in Exercise Science - HFPA

Drive, passion and hard work are 3 characteristics of myself as well as my work with my clients and athletes. I am passionate about results and progress and doing so in the best manner suited for you. I have been a keen athlete since I was 8 years old having swum 10 Midmar Miles by the age of 18, while also playing first team level rugby and waterpolo at high school. My passion and calling for strength, conditioning and nutrition came at the age of 16 when I tried different methods to get me to my best. Since then I have been devoted to finding the most efficient, healthiest and sustainable training and dieting methods to ensure you do not damage your body while still achieving your goals. Currently I am a competitive bodybuilder as well as a strength and conditioning coach at Dublin Strength Rivonia.

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