Diploma in Exercise Science - HFPA 
Certificate in Nutrition - HFPA

Hi there my name is Kathleen Murphy, I am a trainer at Dublin Strength Rivonia. I eat, sleep, breathe and live fitness, I am a fitness bikini competitor, so I spend majority of my year training hard and eating well. I am a qualified personal trainer and have my qualification in nutrition from HFPA. I am fairly new in the industry, I have only been a trainer for 5 months now, but I have had experience within the industry for the past 3 years.

 My goal is to help teach my clients to have a healthy relationship with not only food, but with their bodies, my approach to training is very much driven by encouraging my clients to utilise exercise as a means of self discovery and teaching them to love themselves in the process.

It is important to me to teach my clients how to live a balanced lifestyle, and to help them learn that getting into shape doesn’t have to involve mundane diets and excessive cardio. Exercise can be fun and exciting, and your diet doesn’t have to be restrictive. I mainly focus on transformational training, and all of my plans are made with your goals, experience and likes and dislikes in mind.

I am not just a coach, I am a mentor and a friend, I am there for my clients every step of the way in their training and fitness journey and in their personal lives.